Telkomsel Launch The iPhone 4S and Data Package Bundling

Telkomsel has just launched its latest iPhone 4S at GraPARI Gandaria City, South Jakarta. Customers can choose the iPhone 4S affordable pricing and bundling with data packages. The Telkomsel iPhone 4S is an effort to always be able to deliver the best products that suit the needs of mobile lifestyle customers. This will gonna be the combination of the best products and the best network service, according to Telkomsel Press Release recently.

iPhone 4S is a smart phone that has been long-awaited presence in Indonesia. Equipped with the voice command technology named Siri that can understand the various questions along with its functions as a personal assistant, the iPhone 4S will give a new experience in communication for its users.

Telkomsel iPhone 4S: Director of Commerce of Telkomsel, Edward Ying VP Channel Management Gideon Edie Purnomo, VP Product Marketing Lindayanti Harjono, and GM Corporate Communications SingTel Ricardo Indra at the launch of the iPhone 4S Telkomsel in GraPARI Gandaria City Jakarta on Jan 27th. iPhone 4S Telkomsel is the equivalent of matching (perfect match) between the best smartphone with the best cellular network is presented with various options pricing package for the model 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB, ranging from Rp 699,000, Rp 1.899 million, and Rp 3.099.000.

iPhone 4S armed with dual-core processor with the chipset Apple A5 and IOS 5 that presents high speed and performance. Equipped with high-resolution camera that supports high definition (HD), the iPhone 4S also has more than 200 new features, including cloud computing applications, iCloud, which allows the storage of data to be shared with users of the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, or PC easily .

Telkomsel Director of Commerce Edward Ying said, “The presence of an equivalent matching the iPhone 4S (perfect match) between the best iPhone device with the best cellular network. Synergy between Apple with Telkomsel will provide the best communication experience to its customers and as a market leader Telkomsel will continue to demonstrate its commitment to presenting the latest innovations, cutting-edge technologies and latest devices for the Indonesian market. This is Telkomsel’s commitment to deliver services and products best suit their mobile lifestyle of our customers. ”

Currently the number of iPhone subscribers Telkomsel is the large. As for prepaid subscribers (simPATI and Cards As), may use a monthly package of Rp 99 thousand who will get a bonus 100 minutes conversation free, 400 free SMS, and 1.5 GB of data packets.

These combination between Telkomsel and iPhone allows customers to enjoy the features and facilities available in this new smart phone. This service is supported by Telkomsel’s network is reliable and trustworthy with BTS 44 000, including 9000 Node B (3G BTS) spread from Sumatra to eastern Indonesia with a bandwidth capacity of 20 Gbps (Giga bits per second) for convenience in using mobile broadband services Telkomsel.

Information Package Price 4s Telkomsel iPhone



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